A Different Story

Mom, April 2017

I’m in NJ. I so don’t want to say this but the promised posts are on hold for a couple of weeks. God is writing a different story.

And my sisters and I are in the eye of a different storm. We are all here with Mom. Sara lives here; Barbara came from Virginia, Penny from Ohio.
Her hospital bed sits in her living room.  You often can find the 4 of us leaning in close trying to discern what Mom is trying to communicate to us. Right after Labor Day she had a pace maker implanted. It did not go well. Her 97 year old body has said enough.
She wanted so badly to come home. Hospice is one of our anchors right now. Eating and drinking are history, 2 days now but still she breathes.
My husband flew in yesterday. Our kids will come from KS and CA. We’re just waiting.
Actually my post for tomorrow is written … but not part 2 for next week. My energy needs to be in a  different place. Thank you for allowing me this time.
Mt 11:28-30 has been my anchor, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. Each day I ask the Lord to take the heavy and leave me with the light I can trust Him with. I’m experiencing His faithfulness.
I would appreciate your prayers. Even easy is hard.


“Hope is a person. Hope is Jesus. Hope takes my eyes off what I can see and fixes them on what is ahead. 

  • Hope is sure.
  • Hope is steadfast, like an anchor for our souls.
  • Hope goes before.
  • Hope secures the promise.
  • Hope gives us a purpose.
  • Hope is forever.”

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul,”
Hebrews 6:19a

12 thoughts on “A Different Story

  1. Denise Grace says:

    Oh Sue praying for you and your family in this time. The bedside is a hard place to be, but you do get the blessing of being there even if it is hard.

    • sue@suetell.com says:

      It was a blessing. Yup, we stepped on each other’s toes once in a while, but my sisters and I were there together. And there are good memories mingled with the hard. Thank you for all the places you have posted. I’m home now … but need a bit of time for the tears to flow.

    • sue@suetell.com says:

      Yes, it was God’s grace to be there with my sisters. The first time since I was in college that we have been together for more than a couple of days. Between the hospital, hospice, and Mom’s memorial service, we were together for 18 days.

    • sue@suetell.com says:

      The everlasting arms were so faithful. I experienced them most through Matthew 11:28-30. I’ll share a bit more on Echoes later this week.

  2. Mary Aaron says:

    My mother passed away five years ago, Sue. The memories of her life, love, and wisdom grow stronger every day for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your mother and as you rejoice in the hope we have because of Jesus!

    • sue@suetell.com says:

      What wonderful encouragement, “the memories of her life, love, and wisdom” grow stronger each day.

      My Mom was a teacher retiring 33 years ago, yet some of her fellow teachers and students commented in the online funeral home guest book and came to the funeral! I learned things about my Mom that I never knew yet experienced in other ways. Their words were a balm for me. What a gift.

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