Living Unashamed

Welcome to week 3 of June Guest Blog Posts Month for Echoes of Grace. This week I’m excited to introduce you to another Colorado Springs friend.

Blythe and I first met in a Sunday School class. She was a young wife then; now she also mothers two pre-school cuties. I liked her from the first and it was a easy pick to ask Blythe if she would share a bit of her story with you, my Echoes of Grace friends. I  bet you’ll identify with her. Perhaps not in the circumstances of her life, but in her reactions to the circumstances. This blog is a little longer than is usual for Echoes, so why don’t you make yourself a cup of tea and sit down to savor her story.

FYI, I’d love to tell you more about the conference she references. I was there too.

Blythe’s words first appeared on Mundane Faithfulness. Click here for her story.

A freelance writer and editor, Blythe Hunt is also an orphan who once could not have fathomed the love and safety she would eventually find in community. In her mid-twenties, God rescued her from a den of depression, loneliness, and isolation by restoring her heart through the love of others. Her passion is building community, which includes hosting parties and asking awkwardly personal questions; she is currently writing a book on introverted hospitality. Blythe and her husband Aaron have two children, live in a bungalow in downtown Colorado Springs, and dream of being minimalists. She can be found all over social media at Mundane Faithfulness.




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