So Thankful for Beauty

One of my favorites from this fall. North Carolina

This Thanksgiving I’m overwhelmed by the gift God has allowed me to enjoy this fall in his many varied pictures of beauty. From summertime in New Jersey, summer-like in Hawaii, fall in South Carolina and North Carolina, winter in Austria, summer-like again in Florida, and with a few snippets of Colorado sprinkled in.

I especially love the changing leaves of autumn. And our week in North Carolina was a special gift to me.

One morning as I sat enjoying God’s creativity, these words came and I offer them as a Thanksgiving gift for you. At the end, I’ve created a photo journey to share in pictures some of the amazing sights I enjoyed this fall.

The Gift of North Carolina in Fall

The lodge nestled among the hardwoods
Surrounded by gold, rust, orange, and green,
A feast for my eyes.
As the sun slowly slides across the sky,
Or on the days of clouds,
Both picture God’s beauty.

I love listening to the leaf showers
Creating a carpet below.
A feast for my ears.
As the winds gently ruffle
And as the leaves meet in air,
I become statue-esque … but alive
Quietly aware.

I hold my hands out,
Palms turned to the sky;
An anticipating child …
Will the leaves come close by?
The feast of touch.

I shuffle my feet along the carpeted ground,
The feel, the crisp, the aroma of fall all around.
A feast of fall smells.

The clean clear air awakens and lifts,
I breathe deeply in to enjoy this fall gift.
I pause and I linger inhaling again,
Closing my eyes to sharpen my ken.

This feast of God’s goodness,
Just a taste in the beauty of autumn,
in the beauty of seasons,
in God’s abundant creativity,
and offering of love.

NJ in September

Mom’s home in New Jersey

New Jersey in September

Sunrise at Oahu

Cultivated beauty in Hawaii


Loved the aqua water in Hawaii


We could see this lighthouse from Bellows AFS, Hawaii.


Greenville, South Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina

A favorite North Carolina hike

North Carolina


Duke U Chapel

Colorado in October

The Alps from the , November

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

The village of Perchtoldsdorf



Cafe Landtmann, Vienna



Cultivated Beauty, Florida




Christmas is Coming

Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving. I am so very thankful for each of you.  Sue

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    • says:

      I get that, my friend. Thanks for stopping in to share how God used his beauty in your life. It definitely has been part of my trust and rest journey. More coming, stay tuned.

      love, sue

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