Words From The Wise, Please or Trust

“There’s an incredible phrase in Hebrews: “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” (italics mine) This statement shows us the path we must take. Only by trusting can we truly please God! If our primary motive is pleasing God, we’ll never please Him enough and we’ll never learn trust. Pleasing God is a good desire. It just can’t be our primary motivation or it will imprison our hearts … When our primary motive becomes trusting God, however, we suddenly discover there is nothing in the world that pleases Him more! Until you trust God, nothing you do will please God.” The Cure, Lynch, McNicol, Thrall

The verb form of the noun ‘faith’ is trust.

I bet if you’re a parent or grandparent you’ve experienced this. I know I have. And sometimes I’ve been surprised that my grandchild has trusted me so explicitly.

But I am a child too, a child of God. And I think this pictures what God desires from me, complete trust. A willingness to bring all of me and cast myself into his arms.

What has God asked you to trust him with these days?

The book I quoted above, The Cure, is part of the High Trust Leader course that I’m faculty for. What I love about this course is it helps me practice these principles, not just agree to them. Let me know if you’d like to learn about it. I like to call this course, High Trust Living.

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