Words From The Wise, Our Stories

“The purpose of story is to generate a relationship–to promote trust and intimacy, to gain acceptance, and to have an emotionally healing experience. We can argue statistics, we can debate theories, and we can challenge philosophies, but there is something about a person’s raw, honest story that connects with us on a deeper level and get us out of our head into our heart … sharing our stories is really sharing our faith in what God is doing in our lives. Our stories connect with others at the heart level,”
Framing Faith, Matt Knisely, pages 29, 30.

“Our stories connect with others at the heart level,” YES! This has truly been my experience.

When I share about my struggles with comparison, I see the heads of my friends bob up and down. When I share about living with a husband who went through a very dark time of depression, my friends open up to me and want to know more.

As I’ve learned vulnerability — not just transparency, I’ve learned to allow myself to be human. I experience God opening the two-way doors of encouragement. Others breathe more easily and are set free to share their stories, and I am able to receive their love in a newer, deeper, more authentic way. When we share our stories with one another, something special happens — a very special connection.

Recently I’ve heard that when someone is living with deep grief, they need to share their story 200 times. And in the sharing, there is healing. We need each other.

Do you have a friend you feel free to be real with?


I’d be honored to listen.



“A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.”
Proverbs 17:17



2 thoughts on “Words From The Wise, Our Stories

  1. Rebecca Price says:

    Thanks for the reminder about sharing our stories. Sometimes I think “why would someone want to hear about my story”? I sometimes am frustrated by my past but I have watched God draw people to me that need to hear parts of my story. Just have to be vulnerable enough to share, like you said. And thanks for the grief statistic. It’s hard to find people that will listen to that story! Makes it harder (not impossible) to move forward. Blessings to you as you continue to unfold your story to others for God’s glory.

  2. Karen Getz says:

    Such a good reminder. We are human and yet we don’t always embrace our humanity. Love your thought on how vulnerability opens up relationships to be real. Openness, freedom, yes!

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