Well-Versed Kids

well versed kidsIn the mid-80’s, Well-Versed Kids was my first writing project and I assumed my last (until Echoes captured my heart). Our home church, Grace Presbyterian in Peoria, IL asked me to create a memory program for their Sunday School that built from first through sixth grade. You’re kidding, right, was my initial response. Still today, Well-Versed Kids is the backbone of the memory program at Grace.

It spread to Christian schools and remains especially popular with home-schoolers. The 108 verses are divided into six main categories: Understanding Salvation, Knowing God, Growing as a Christian, Enjoying God, Building Character, and Enjoying God. The three levels give additional information as the children work through the categories. And the verses start short (4 words) and end with the 23rd Psalm.

Although Navpress no longer publishes Well-Versed Kids, there is a supply of the parent-teacher manuals available for $8 each + shipping. For each verse the manual gives the concept, how to communicate the concept to a child, and many diverse fun memory aids.

For purchasing info, please contact me at sue@suetell.com.