My Mom

My Mom, Jane Fraser Holmes, Jan 9, 1920 – Sept 16, 2017

This picture was taken at my niece’s wedding 8 years ago. Yes, Mom had aged in the past 8 years, but you still would not have guessed she was 97.

I’ve been in New Jersey with my sisters for over two weeks now. My husband Bill has been here for a week.

Mom was in the hospital when I arrived. She could squeeze my hand and sometimes whisper desires, like she was thirsty. I’m pretty sure she knew I was there. As the days went by, she responded less and less.

Until she fell and broke her hip in early April, Mom still lived in her home of 52 years. She loved her home and several times throughout the late spring and summer voiced her desire to return.

We brought her home September 12th. Hospice was arranged for, the hospital bed set up in her living room, and my three sisters and I were trained on how to care for her. One or more of us stayed by her side 24/7. She was comatose the entire time; each day a bit weaker.

She took her last breath early evening September 16. It was a very peaceful passing. I’m thankful.

Her Memorial Service is Friday. If you like, you can read her obituary here.

These weeks have been hard; and God has been faithful. There is much I want to write about ~ later. For now I covet your prayers for me and my family as we walk through this valley of the reality of death.

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