This Isn’t Something I Talk About A lot …

This Thursday, I invite you to listen to God through the words of my friend,
Emily P. Freeman. Thank you Emily for letting me share your post.

“One Surprising Way I Found Relief From Anxiety

Ten years ago this month, I was in the midst of the most anxiety-ridden time of my life. This isn’t something I talk about a lot, but I come from a long line of worriers – gentle, hilarious, kind, gracious worriers”.

Click here for the rest of Emily’s wise words.

Emily and I met in person last November at a Hope*Writers retreat. What a gift that weekend was. Besides meeting Emily in person–and several other new friends, those few days have influenced my communicating with you.

Do you have secrets – you know those things you often don’t bring into the light? I do. And next Thursday I’m sharing something I don’t talk about a lot. I’m learning that when I take off my masks, come out from my hiding that not only does it bring relief and rest to me, but it does to my friends as well. More often I’m hearing, Really? Me too! My heart is to offer relief to my friends, and I’m learning my story does that. Will you join me?

I’ve used one of Emily’s books, Grace for the Good Girl, letting go of the try-hard life,  several times as I meet with women and discuss this journey of grace. I commend it to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Sue

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    • says:

      And don’t we all suffer from something? Kudos to Emily for coming into the light. I find it so much easier to be honest with me when others are with them. Thank you Sally!

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