Thursday Connections

I awake on Thursday mornings anticipating two special connections.

I connect with you through a new Echoes of Grace post. And I love when you connect with me through your encouragements and questions. You can comment publicly in the comments below, or privately by email, If you haven’t signed up to receive these posts in your inbox each week, please do. Then we won’t miss a week of connecting.

And I look forward to Thursday mornings each week to connect with God. Thursday is my sabbath morning. It starts with sitting, coffee, a time of quiet, and enjoying whatever God decides to serve up that day outside my triple window. (In warmer weather, I take this sacred time outside).

My morning progresses. I open my Bible, my journal, often my art journal to capture with color the words I’m hearing. God and I converse through my prayers for you and for others. Sometimes words fill blank pages with verse like, Today is a SIT Day, that I share below. (Originally penned three years ago in the summer, I changed a few lines to reflect the now, the winter).

I keep these sacred few hours each week non-scheduled, following the lead of the One I enjoy. Do you have a sabbath time? What does it look like for you? I love sharing ideas and learning from others.

My friend Nancy enjoying a sabbath time at Glen Eyrie on a warm winter day.

Today is a SIT day,
A day to be,
A day to listen,
A day to ponder.

Today is a SIT day,
A day without schedule,
A day without have-to’s,
A day to follow the lead of Another.

Today is a SIT day,
A slow walk day,
An enjoy the soft snowflakes day,
A feel the cool breeze on my face day.

Today is a SIT day,
A no errand day,
A no project day,
A simple day.

Today is a SIT day,
A play day,
A Sabbath day,
An away-from day.

Tomorrow is a Martha day,
A different gift from God day,
A unique, special day,
Today is a Mary day.

“And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching.”
Luke 10:39





8 thoughts on “Thursday Connections

  1. Tammy L Mashburn says:

    I love Sabbath. Slowly easing into the day. Quiet mornings in His presence with my journal, Bible, and pen in hand. Carrying my coffee outside to gaze at the morning sky. My soul whispers to Him, I am yours and You are mine. Love mornings, especially when they stretch slow into a day of Sabbath rest.
    Love you, Sue

  2. Meghan says:

    Love you, Sue Tell. My mind has been racing lately. I had to remind myself to trust God. To slow down and listen to the words he’s giving my heart. I had to make myself stop. Make my mind stop. And listen, truly listen. Thank you for the reminder to SIT.

    • says:

      And I know how hard it is when there are littles in your home. God, would you give Meghan times to sit and listen well for your love and your other words to her. amen

  3. Cheryle Johnson says:

    A sit day. You make it sound so inviting. And I know it is. I love those days, too. Beautifully shared here. Thank you for the reminder.


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